Organizational Health & Culture
There are many components to a healthy organization. These include strategy, management, operations, and culture. When each of theses is effective, your organization will realize stellar results.

At Partners4Performance, we take a systems approach to working with organizations. While others may address an individual symptom, we look at all the variables and how they interact. We partner with you to assess your capabilities and follow our proprietary RADAR process for helping an organization achieve long-term results. We know that each organization is different and a best practice for one organization may have marginal results at another. That is why having a true partnership is so important. We bring expertise in each of the areas necessary to create a healthy organization and you bring knowledge of the industry and ecosystem within which it operates. We are only successful if you are.

  Leadership Effectiveness

Many firms will help leaders be more effective through assessment and development of its leaders. While this is important, we have found that there is more to gaining sustained leadership effectiveness. In order to help leadership get to the next level, we focus on the following activities.

  • Crafting the desired attributes of your leadership culture
  • Defining desired leadership behaviors, skills, and attributes
  • Assessment of current leadership capabilities
  • Leadership team cohesiveness
  • Conflict within leadership teams
  • Communication capabilities and habits of leaders
  • Leadership alignment with organizational values and strategy

The use of an experienced coach can accelerate the development of any employee. Through coaching, derailing behaviors can be eliminated and people can grow their strength to the exemplary level. We help individuals and groups at all levels become more successful through a proprietary and proven research-based process we developed. Coaching can include:

  • Executive Effectiveness Coaching
  • Grow Your Greatness Program
  • Coaching for Performance Excellence
  • Group Coaching (within the organization)
  • Mastermind Groups (with non-competing organizations)
  People Development

The development of people is the single most important task you can perform to enable the execution of strategy. The outcomes are a true win-win. People who are properly trained will know what to do and know how to do it. They are more successful, engaged, and better equipped to delight the customer. We have strategist, instructional designers, and seasoned facilitators that can focus on helping provide the right solution in the following areas:

  • Learning and Performance Strategy Development
  • Organizational Performance Audits
  • The "Great Leaders Coach" Program
  • Custom Executive Development
  • Custom Leadership Development
  • Custom Team Development

Through an assessment, you can gain a deeper understanding of the real issues and causes of specific outcomes. Organizations conduct a large variety of assessments with desired outcomes that vary. We have relationships with the major assessment providers and can develop custom surveys and assessments for just about any need. What makes us effective is that we work with you to gain a deep understanding of the desired outcome from an assessment, plan how it will be used, determine metrics for success, and create an action plan for planning, conducting, utilization of data, and gathering of metrics.


We help your meetings/conferences be successful through customizing the following topics:

  • The 7 Levelers of Performance
  • The Exemplary You
  • How New Leaders Can Excel
  • Forces That Shape and Exemplary Culture