The RADAR Process

is the process PARTNERS4PERFORMANCE uses when working with clients to solve organizational challenges and build more effective practices into their culture.


No matter what phase we are in, three elements must be present. The include:

·      Partnering: throughout the entire process, we partner with the client to ensure their involvement and that expectations are being met.

·      Communication: we constantly communicate about important aspects of the project and solicit feedback to ensure we are sharing the same mental models and perceptions.

·      Deliberate Decisions: at each point where a decision is made, we check the data to ensure the decisions are based on facts.

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The Model






Each phase has distinct events. It is important to keep in mind that although the model appears to be linear, it is in practice quite dynamic with activities from one phase sometimes occurring in congruence with activities from another phase (or phases).

Research: the information-gathering phase. This is where we partner to determine which information to gather in order to gain data on the issue most important to the client. We consider what the target is and where we are now relative to the vision, mission, values, strategic objectives, and marketplace.


Assess: making sense of the information. Once information is gathered in the previous phase, we work with the client to assess patterns and learn what that information is telling us.


Develop: creating an intervention plan. The assessment of the information will point the way to the most appropriate solutions. In this phase, we work with the client to carefully plan the intervention with minimal distraction from the core business.


Action: implementing the plan. Executing the plan while remaining flexible to make changes to the plan is an integral part to the process. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and positive changes start to occur.


Results: tracking success. Implementing a plan is not enough. Here we work with the client to assess the impact of the intervention including operational effectiveness and ROI.